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Of those three, I think today's speech will remove stage one - there is no prospect from Theresa May's stance of the UK remaining a member of the single market. It makes the prospect of a further, relatively early, referendum on independence more - rather than less - likely. EU leaders have said the UK cannot "cherry pick" access to the single market while restricting the free movement of people, and Mrs May has suggested curbing migration will be her top priority. Ms Sturgeon's Brexit minister, Michael Russell, told BBC Scotland on Monday that a vote on independence would not be inevitable if Mrs May outlined a hard Brexit in her speech. But he said such a move would "certainly focus the mind very substantially". Image copyright PA Image caption Nicola Sturgeon has called for the UK to remain in the single market - but believes Scotland could stay in even if the rest of the UK leaves Mr Russell will lead a Scottish Parliament debate on Scotland's future relationship with Europe on Tuesday afternoon. Speaking ahead of the debate, the pro-independence Scottish Greens said Mrs May "will trigger an independence referendum in Scotland" if she announces plans for a hard Brexit. They said the move would confirm that the UK government "couldn't care less" about Scotland, and predicted people in Scotland would not want to be part of the "angry, isolated Britain". Watch the debate live from 14:20 on Holyrood Live But the Scottish Conservatives called on the Scottish government to work with other parts of the UK to get the best possible deal, instead of "continually pitting themselves against the UK government".

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