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"We've talked to a lot of guys who would wear them with pride, even if it's a bit outside their comfort zone. I'd imagine some people will buy these as more of a joke, and we obviously can't control why people wear them―in a way though, that's part of the fun of fashion." And unlike with other typically women's products repackaged so men feel comfortable using them (from face moisturizers), it's much harder to find rompers that fit cis male bodies. And if a man learns something about himself after wearing a romper, does it matter if it starts as a joke? Well, maybe. Masculinity is a delicate thing. It sits atop its throne, making 25 cents on the dollar more than anything beneath it, and is terrified of losing its perch. Womanhood is not something to aspire to. As such, men often feel the desire to explicitly distance themselves from anything feminine. They need special nail salons, and while there are certainly all manner of beauty products and clothes marketed exclusively to women, you're more likely to see a woman using a "man's" product than the other way around. The "unisex" fashion landscape is littered with all types of grey pants and boxy jackets, "neutral" colors view it now and shapes that work on "everyone." The secret is though that all almost clothing is unisex, a black sweatshirt as much as a purple sequined skirt. The only thing preventing the latter from being in the unisex market is the idea that men wouldn't deign to tarnish their manly images with obviously feminine fashions.

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