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It was above all Margaret Thatcher (agree or disagree with her policies, she was a political genius) who realized that successful modern political revolutions attack the status quo from the right, not the left. That is the secret sauce: to combine in the same voice the steady confidence of ancient tradition with the risky passion of radical iconoclasm. Indeed, its judicial counterpart, the doctrine of originalism, contains both these elements and, when taken to extremes, mirrors the liberal juridical activism it despises. But to do it right you need to be a true believer and actually be prepared to break things in order to rebuild them. You need to have political conviction that extends further than your own ego. You need to go against those advisors of yours who are straightforward conservatives, who dont buy into the whole radical passion thing, and would prefer that career professionals run the country in the way they know how to. Because permanent revolution is exhausting, and requires permanent conflict against the internal enemy of a bitter sort that is not for mere showmen. Thatcher could handle it. Henry VIII could not.

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