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SoftBank invests in 'handy Japan' hotel technology service

SoftBank invests in 'handy Japan' hotel technology service By: NICOLA SHANNON, Associated Press SoftBank invests in 'handy Japan' hotel technology service TOKYO (AP) - Japanese technology conglomerate SoftBank is investing in a mobile device service for hotel guests, called handy Japan, offering tourist spot information and internet access. Terms of the deal, announced Monday, were not disclosed. Handy, developed by Hong Kong-based Tink Labs, is available in 650,000 rooms in 4,000 hotels in 82 countries. It rolled out in Japan last July and has been adopted by 1,700 hotels and 240,000 rooms, about a third of the nation's hotels, both sides said. Handy works as a complimentary smartphone rental service. The device can access a hotel concierge, connect to the internet and make local and international calls. It also provides multilingual city guides. "With SoftBanks' support, the goal is to go beyond that. It's more than just hotels," Terence Kwok, founder and CEO of Tink Labs told reporters at a Tokyo hotel.

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A flag's the prize, the mud's the obstacle in Kashima | The Japan Times

I see fellow competitors come stuck either side of me, trapped so firmly by the mud that their only release is a team of men who pull them out with thick safety ropes. My own temptation to give up is countered only by the idea of meeting the same embarrassing fate. Eventually, the mud shallows and I board the stepping stones, making my way across them in fits and starts to the paddleboards. Here, I regain my breath and, as I cross the soupy flats belly-down, I take an opportunity to look around at the carnage behind me. Everywhere, mud-covered competitors struggle forward as if they were in a third-rate comedy about the trenches. “Utterly bizarre,” I think with a laugh, only for a thick, salty clump of mud to land in my mouth. Teeth now firmly gritted, I continue to the planks, where volunteers do everything in their power to make the slippy wood slipperier by adding more mud. After everything, it is the final obstacle that proves to be my undoing: a mud-covered tube on an incline to the finishing flag, an off-white cloth flapping lazily in the breeze. It seems obvious that the only way to reach the flag is to jump the tube entirely and land, triumphant, on the other side. I am mistaken: I jump, miss and, as my feet hit the tube, I come unstuck, rotate 180 degrees and land in mud so thick that I have to be dragged out.

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